Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday evening

Sunday night with family should be just a peaceful time but just look at these activities. I do not claim any responsibility in any of this!

Everyone got into the act and raced around on the scooters. I have to admit, they are fun!!!
While the rest of us enjoyed a nice dinner and conversation, Lily and Kenna had some fun of their own! We have small brains around here-we just can seem to remember that these two little girls are full of trouble and should not be left alone-ever!!!In case you can't tell from the picture, this was all the books and other items that were on the bottom bookshelves in the basement family room. I am just glad that they couldn't reach the top ones. They are so darn cute!Family game night is one of our favorite Sunday activities.Although it can get a bit crazy,I do love Sunday Evening!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


America, what a country we live in. Despite all the problems and the struggles that people are going through and the imperfections in our government and economy. I am proud of this country. Yesterday was an amazing experience. We are so blessed to be able to move from one president to another without a bullet shot, riots in the street or ethnic genocide occurring. I was raised during the 60's. I remember the assassination of Dr. King, President Kennedy, and his brother Robert. I was part of student government with the first African American student body president at the University of Utah. He was amazing and did a great job. I was saddened by the narrow mindedness of people who told me I was going to hell because I was serving in the same student council as "him." I watched the tears on the faces of many people yesterday as Pres. Obama spoke. The dream is alive. You can be anything you want if you work hard enough! I love America!