Monday, October 13, 2008


Welcome to my blog. This is my attempt at sharing a little of my world. Hope you enjoy! Life is short so I chose my title to reflect how I feel about each day. We live, learn and we should laugh each day! Sometimes it is the laughing that we leave out of our life. No matter the challenges we face we need to keep a sense of humor. During General Conference of the LDS Church, Oct. 2008, Elder Wirthlin spoke about the importance of laughing each day. I think back on my life, especially as a mother, and realize that I was way too serious. I can now laugh at the "mud" fight that two of my sons had in the bedroom we were trying to finish before the new baby came or the green artistic drawing on the wall in the hall that is hidden behind a bookcase. My advice to new mothers or young mothers: enjoy each day. Find one opportunity to smile each day!I can now take time to wear the goofy glasses and enjoy a beautiful autumn day with Lily and Kelsie!